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We’ve all had those moments- when you walk into a property and experience a true “Wow!” moment.  Prime examples include amazing views, outstanding features and unexpected spaces. Most are good “Wow” reactions, however then there’s the “Wow- what were they thinking?” and “Wow-that’s got to be the worst-taste bathroom/kitchen/bedroom I’ve ever seen” responses.  No doubt those who have ever bought more than a few properties can relate here.  Not all of our properties, however, have the capacity to possess outstanding views, huge spaces or million dollar fitouts.  So we need to be smarter about how we present and style when it comes to selling.

Whilst it’s great to have buyers remember your property, you don’t want it recalled for the wrong reasons. So here’s my Top Five List of what makes the difference between Wow and Woe when it comes to property presentation….

1. Clean, light and bright spaces.  Keep the colour scheme light, the spaces clean and open up to light as much as possible. This may involve repainting, industrial cleaning and possible installation of features such as skylights but it changes the look and feel of a place very quickly.

2. De-clutter. Yes, we all know and I see you nodding your head as you read this.  “What’s new?  I can de-clutter… no problem”  Trouble is when you’ve been living in a property for a while (and I would constitute this as any longer than 12 mths) you become blind to the clutter.  Take my advice and get an impartial third party (family, friend, colleague, professional stylist) in to give you a reality check about what needs to stay/go.

3. Colour. This may seem contrary to keeping it light and neutral, but the usage of colour in a clever way even in a main living space or bedroom can provide that wow impact and give you the edge on all the boring beige/white/grey that’s out there.  If in doubt, hire a colour consultant for advice here.  Best few hundred dollars you can spend in getting it right.

4. Invest in a luxury piece.  Even one fitting or fixture that screams luxury can have a positive impact on your purchasers, as it means you care about quality.  Common fittings here would include a swish freestanding bath tub, a beautiful entrance light fitting, a kitchen item that isn’t in most standard kitchens (eg: in-built coffee machine, integrated dishwasher/fridge, zip water tap, wine fridge) an outdoor garden feature.  Surprise your buyers with something they don’t see in properties of your calibre normally.

5.  Storage. Unless you live in a mansion with cupboards galore, most buyers decry the lack of space in the majority of properties.  If you can possibly create extra space by floor to ceiling wardrobes, clever under-window and roofspace solutions then do so.  Your buyers will thank you and pay more for the privilege.

Remember that the larger an impact you make on buyers, the more competition you create for your property, ultimately leading to a superior outcome when it comes to price.  Plan ahead before listing and you will reap the rewards.

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