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After a century in the business of selling real estate, Max Raine (Chairman of one of the oldest owned real estate agencies in Australia Raine and Horne) recently responded, when asked about the secret to his thriving business, that “Trust and Integrity are the most valuable things you have in business…without that you don’t have much in the real estate industry”.  We couldn’t agree more.

Especially in this more challenging market we’re experiencing here in Sydney, it’s the agents who operate ethically and responsibly who are gaining our attention.  In a boom market, or so it’s said, property can almost sell itself.  In 2003 and 2004 we missed out on buying properties simply because we weren’t prepared to better an unconditional contract the agent held in his hands before the open for inspection was over! It wasn’t uncommon for agents to hold “mini auctions” on front lawns or sell before any listings appeared on the web.  Still, in this environment it was the agents with integrity that fought to obtain the very best deal for their vendor, as they do in all markets consistently.

Sadly, and due to the very competitive nature of the industry, there are many selling agents who continue to plague the industry with its poor reputation.  We’ve experienced it all- gazumping, under-quoting, non-disclosure, dummy bidding and lying.  However, the agents that retain good reputations within the industry and continue to supply vendors and buyers with a high quality of service, communication and results can continue to hold their heads high. Ensuring the longevity of any business is all about making sure the importance of trust and integrity is not to be underestimated.

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