Yoko and Subash, Lane Cove (purchased in Kellyville Ridge)


main-1We could not be happier with the outcome and really appreciate everything Sally and Jacque have done for us! In the current heated real estate market, we understand how easy it is to overpay. Without professional (but personalised!) advice and assistance from Sally and Jacque, we would have probably settled for second-best, believed what selling agents told us and overpaid. Being told many times that “You can do better” by our buyers agents reflected their honesty and genuine interest for our future.

Additionally, we had to sell before buying and, with no family around, we needed a simultaneous settlement – a nearly impossible task in this market.  In the end, everything worked out perfectly and we can honestly say that Sally and Jacque went above and beyond to assist us and make this happen. Sally’s optimistic personality was just what we needed in this stressful search, of course backed up with her professional knowledge, experience and contacts in the industry.  Thankyou both!

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