Stephen (puchased in Quakers Hill)


“For me to enter the property market whilst working overseas was an impossible task. I just didn’t have the time, knowledge and energy to deal with real estate agents, so I acquired the assistance of a buyers agent.  It wasn’t until my third attempt, however, that I found Jacque from House Search, who made the other two Sydney buyers agents I first started with look like “shiny suit salesmen” in comparison.  Smooth talkers but poor performers. Over a period of 12 weeks, Jacque analyzed 77 properties and inspected 17 to determine if they would fit my requirements for an investment property…each week I received reports – it was obvious to me that local knowledge was very important.  Without Jacque’s assistance, there is no doubt I would have overpaid due to competition pressure.  I cannot speak highly enough of Jacque.  I entrusted her with my most important investment to date and I will definitely be using her services again in the near future.  Thank you!”

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