Rod and Frances, Malaysia (bought in Castle Hill)


Buying property is a stressful experience at the best of times and even more so when the property market is going crazy and the fear of missing out is insidiously chipping away at your resolve not to rush into a purchase. After a number of unsuccessful attempts to secure a property by ourselves we realised we needed help and were glad to have the wise counsel and guiding force of Jacque Parker (House Search) on our side….her knowledge of the North West market and local agents gave us an insider’s perspective into the process. She was professional, insightful and provided a voice of calm and reason above the maelstrom of a real estate market gone mad.

Jacque’s well thought through advice, clinical evaluation of properties and market knowledge gave us the confidence… and not over-pay which is very easy in this market. We found the combination of her experience, cheerful confidence and great communication skills to be invaluable in helping us decide on which properties to purchase and we are extremely happy!

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