Ray and Romana, Thornleigh


sydney buyers agentsWe are extremely happy with the services of Simone and the rest of the team at House Search Australia. Our requirements were quite unique as we were looking for a house with an existing granny flat or a potential to build one. Simone was very enthusiastic despite this challenge.

We had been looking ourselves for a while and we were getting anxious about finding something quickly before our baby arrived, we literally had 3 months before it would be too late.

Unbelievably the first shortlist Simone shared with us had our dream home on it. We got very excited and were ready to make a strong offer, but Simone’s experience was key here to navigate us through the offer process with a calm and strategic approach. Her knowledge of the area, and in-depth research, resulted in a lower offer than we would have made ourselves. It was accepted almost immediately.

Additionally, we faced a few significant hurdles in the period between exchange and settlement which would have been much more nerve racking if it wasn’t for the excellent guidance we were provided.

As first home buyers, we simply cannot imagine going through the whole process without the help of House Search Australia.  Thankyou again for everything.

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