Michael and Jenny, Killara


sydney buyers agentsWe knew immediately we had picked the best buyer’s agents when we met Jacque and Cathy in person.  The dedication, professionalism and passion you have were infectious and really inspired us to learn more about the property market.  It was an absolute blast working with Cathy.  We were on the same page from day one and we learned so much from her knowledge, expertise and experience.
Words can’t really describe how impressed and appreciative we were with Cathy throughout the search process and she was able to finally secure a property (that ticked all our desirable features) in a highly competitive market.

Cathy was approachable and professional from beginning to end, was efficient, reliable and always available to provide valuable advice. She listened attentively and we always felt comfortable, having complete confidence and trust in our dealings with her. We certainly wouldn’t have purchased such a great property at an incredible price without her persistence and hard work.  Thankyou Cathy and Jacque for your outstanding service! We can’t recommend you highly enough!

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