John, Tina and Silas G, Epping (purchased in Glenwood)


House Search was invsydney buyers agentsaluable in helping our family find the perfect home.  The time and money we saved was well worth the investment.  Cathy was able to help us navigate the complex real estate market and provide advice on how to deal with specific selling agents and their tactics.  She did all the research for us and made our time at inspections worthwhile, without wasting our weekends looking at properties that didn’t meet our needs.  She listened tirelessly to what we liked (and didn’t)… she had insight on properties coming to market long before we could locate them online.

When it was time to make an offer, House Search did it all.  They negotiated, found legal counsel, arranged appraisals, inspections and handled the entire dialogue between the financier, selling agent and legal representative.

We are convinced that we were able to get the very best house in the best location and for the best price thanks to House Search.  We know we will be in this house for a very long time, but if we choose to sell and buy again, we will DEFINITELY be using House Search again.  Thankyou again!

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