Joe and Jennifer, Canada (purchased in Stanhope Gardens)


sydney buyers agentsMy wife and I currently reside in Canada and were looking to buy an investment property in Sydney. We needed a property that could provide a suitable rental return but also be available to us when we returned to Sydney for lengthy periods. We looked for months online and found it extremely difficult to find the right home that met all our needs and our budget – especially in this hot Sydney property market.

We discovered House Search and after a thorough briefing session with Jacque and Cathy, they went to work looking for our property. They were able to leverage their experience, local market knowledge and contacts to find a number of properties that they inspected and provided excellent recommendations based on our needs. They were always available when needed and responded promptly to our enquiries (even when the differences in time zones weren’t always ideal).

Ultimately, we feel Cathy went above and beyond to find the ideal property that met all our needs. Through her real estate connections she found the perfect home that would provide us with all year round rental income from the attached granny flat plus a fabulous place for us to stay in an ideal location. She also consulted with local property managers about the possibility of short-term lettings for the house in our absence. Truly outstanding service!

Working with buyer’s agents is common practice in Canada and we understand it is not so common in Australia. In saying that, I would strongly recommend anyone looking to buy a fabulous home in Sydney – whether your local or reside overseas – to contact Jacque or Cathy at House Search. They will ultimately save you time, money and stress and will find you exactly (or close to) what you’re looking for. Many buyer’s agents in Canada could also learn a lot from Cathy and Jacque with regard quality service and listening to your client’s needs.

Thank you so much to the fabulous team at House Search!

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