Joanne and Warwick, Westleigh (purchased in St Ives)


sydney buyers agentsWe knew what we were looking for in a property and spent many weekends viewing houses, only to miss out at auction…it became apparent that we needed help and so we searched for and interviewed several buyers’ agents.

Jacque Parker impressed us with her down-to-earth and genuine approach.  She understood our brief and soon after engaging her services, we had secured the purchase of our lovely new home.  Jacque’ superb skills of negotiation enabled us to make an offer to acquire the property after only one open home, thus avoiding the whole auction process.  She liaised with the selling agent and the vendors on our behalf, allowing us a longer settlement and also a very positive relationship wiht the vendors.

We believe we saved a substantial amount of money by not having to purchase at auction and that House Search’s fee was an excellent investment. The whole process has been very positive for us, with Jacque keeping us informed every step of the way.  In fact, when it came to the sale of our own home, she even attended the auction and supported us on the day. We would definitely recommend Jacque to anyone who values their weekends and doesn’t feel they have the skills required to secure a property in the Sydney market.

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