Jenny and Michael, purchased in Castle Hill


sydney buyers agentsWe are so glad and thankful that we engaged with the team at House Search Australia again. This was our second time working with Cathy and she showed the same professionalism, dedication and enthusiasm during the search. The property we purchased was off market, and it was only through Cathy’s strong relationships with the local agents that we found out about it. This worked well in our favour as it eliminated other competitors and bought us time to perform thorough strata and building inspections. Cathy handled the negotiation process impeccably and got a price that is reasonable and definitely below what it would be if it went on the market. Considering the severe supply shortage and strong demand in our search area, we wouldn’t have achieved this outcome had it not been through Cathy and Jacque’s expertise and timely negotiation.

We were again truly impressed by Jacque’s market and area knowledge and appreciate all the suggestions at the commencement of our search, as there were definitely factors that we had not considered earlier. We couldn’t be happier with the result and would strongly recommend House Search Australia to family and friends.

Thank you Cathy and Jacque for your dedication and hard work. We definitely wouldn’t have bought this property at the price we paid without your help. Once again you have gone above and beyond throughout the entire process and exceeded all our expectations! We look forward to partnering with the team at House Search Australia again for future purchases.

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