Hamid and Linda, Baulkham Hills (purchased in Wahroonga)


sydney buyers agentsLike most people, we were on a tight budget when we decided to upgrade our home.  So we thought, why do we pay yet another set of fees to a buyer’s agent, if we can save that for our purchase or renovation? The decision was very easy. We don’t go to court without a lawyer, and we don’t buy a home without an expert on our side, fronting sellers who have an army of experts on theirs.

The decision to use House Search Australia (HSA) as our buyer’s agent was also very easy.  They weren’t pushy, and their fee structure seemed fair, so that was a good start. Later, when we had our first briefing (which, by the way, took over 3 hours) we felt that they took a very personal interest in our needs and what we wanted.

What happened next confirmed that we made the right decision. The road to finding, negotiating and settling was tough and deeply emotional at some stages. Jacque’s advice was pivotal in all of these steps… their appraisal on our final home assured me that our selection was sound, secondly we had other alternative choices in the bag if the deal couldn’t work, and thirdly we knew we couldn’t have reached a good deal without their intense negotiations.

Will we use them again? Well, we don’t need to for a while, but definitely yes. We hope that Jacque is still working should we decide to downsize in 20 years time!

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