Hally and David, purchased in Gladesville


sydney buyers agentsIn a difficult market, at a popular price point, and in a sought after area there was a lot of competition for every house we viewed. We had tried unsuccessfully for 6 months ourselves before we engaged the services of HSA but once we had Simone as our personal buyers agent acting on our behalf, everything became so much easier and less stressful. Simone completely understood what we were after and was able to use her inside industry knowledge and experience to find properties that suited us and that we could actually afford. She saved us so much time and in the end money too. She gave us confidence that someone from the industry was actually ‘on our side’ – and this was really key for us. 

Simone was honest and realistic and could cut through the sales talk to give us a much clearer picture of the facts; of buyer interest, ‘real’ price guides and strategies we could use to buy a particular home. Simone worked tirelessly throughout each week making calls, emailing and researching properties, she was very thorough and had contacts and advice that we could not have come up with on our own. She organised everything and allowed us to balance our busy life with the house hunt and reduce our open house visits to a minimum. Jacque was also a wonderful source of help to us throughout the process and bid on our behalf at auction too. She also stepped in if Simone ever had a clash of property open times. Both Simone and Jacque were so helpful, so reassuring, so lovely and they really listened to us, they actually cared about finding us a good home and you don’t get that if you just deal with real estate agents direct – as we all know they are working for the vendor not the buyer.

Simone and Jacque at House Search Australia (HSA) were absolutely wonderful in our search to find the perfect home for our family and we cannot thank them enough. We are so happy in our gorgeous new home – which we never would have managed to buy without them. We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending their services, we are so thrilled and will use them again should the need arise.

Thank you again Simone and Jacque – you must come round to visit us soon!

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