Franz and Louise, purchased in West Pennant Hills


When looking to mosydney buyers agentsve from our rented apartment into a family home, and with our first child on the way, we decided to employ Jacque Parker from House Search Australia to assist and we could not be happier with our decision here.

Jacque was at once highly professional and organised, as well as being warm and friendly: an ideal combination to take stress out of the whole process. She was meticulous, ensuring at every step of the process that every t was crossed and i dotted. She was upfront with us about our chances of success and her extensive knowledge of the market and local agents meant she could predict the selling strategies and consequently develop options for us.

Jacque supported us through all the key phases of our purchase, from the initial inspections through to the negotiations and signing of the contract and pre-settlement inspection. During these phases we thought her knowledge and approach made everything smoother. Overall we believe our choice to use House Search Australia was a great investment- it saved us so much stress, time and probably money too, in terms of the negotiation.  We highly recommend House Search Australia.

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