Craig and Kirby, Epping (purchased in Beaumont Hills)


sydney buyers agentsInitially, engaging a buyers’ agent was a decision not easily made – on paper the cost was something we first thought…”it’s a lot of money we could potentially put towards our home”… HOW WRONG WE WERE! Particularly in a rising market, we feel this is the BEST decision ever made, and BY FAR the best value for money service we have ever received!

House Search were honest and reliable with “inside knowledge” we wouldn’t have even thought to research.  They provided a thorough, well-researched service and were on brief for EVERY house we were shown. Their complete service meant all the hard work was done for us – zero stress- from finding properties to bidding/liaising with agents, to the final pre-settlement inspection. I am still pinching myself to this day over our lovely new home… how having the “coach in the corner” meant we unquestionably saved thousands… not to mention the time and stress saved in what would have resulted in a search that would definitely have taken MONTHS had we done it alone.

After a few short weeks of what became an enjoyable process (who would have thought?!) and being presented with a shortlisted shopping list of homes each week, we found our dream home and even we couldn’t believe it was finally secured!

We cannot express our gratitude enough to Cathy, Jacque and the team…they were always professional, provided guidance and answered all those silly questions we couldn’t ask anyone else (or google!) due to the sensitivity of information or when we simply didn’t know WHO to ask. People in the industry have an expectation that you should just “know” the process and requirements around buying, selling and all the paperwork that accompanies it.  House Search were always happy to explain the ins and outs, and never treated us like “another number”.

We have already let our friends who started house hunting before us about House Search – they have watched our effortless exit and entry out of, and back into the market – all the while with our relationship intact and (mostly) smiles all round, whilst they are still searching and miserable.  House Search have been the best kept secret that I’m happy to share and have made the next stage of of our lives moving home as enjoyable and exciting as it should be!

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