Asif, purchased in Glenwood


sydney buyers agents We started looking for a house over a year ago, but failed every time we tried to secure a property that we liked as we were living overseas and did not get enough time to fly to Sydney to assess and negotiate.  It was very frustrating!

While looking for a Buyer’s Agent to overcome the problems we were facing, we got in touch with House Search Australia, led by Jacque Parker. Soon, they were working all out to help us secure the right property. Cathy McGowan, the agent assigned to us, understood our priorities; assessed our financial boundaries and sought to satisfy our specific needs.  We felt like we have found our advocate who acted as our eyes and ears on the ground.  She paid attention to small details; and advised us on every step of the process. It would not have been possible for us to secure our first home without her help.  We thank Cathy for going beyond the “call of duty” and helping us with so many of the ancillary matters. 

We strongly recommend House Search Australia to anyone looking to secure a property.

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