Ann and Vasco, Gordon (purchased in Wollstonecraft)


sydney buyers agentsWhen told of the benefits of buyers agents and given a couple of names, we chose to pursue the advice of House Search Australia and can only say that they have been great and the experience was totally professional and trouble free… From the first meeting we knew we had a good match and that their services would give us the best chance of achieving our goals and especially our inexperience with property auctions. Why would we gamble our hard earned monies at auctions when we don’t have that skill or experience and when professionals can act on our behalf?

Besides organising inspections outside the usual public inspection times, Cathy’s local knowledge and relationship with the real estate agents was invaluable.  We received good market information about properties of interest but perhaps the greatest benefits were around the strategies close to auction. We were keen on one property in particular and eager to make a pre-auction offer but Cathy’s advice, because of the uniqueness of the property, was to not set a mark by such an offer.  We took her advice and the auction proceeded. Cathy met with us prior and we had set a top figure which gave her the ability to act with confidence. The bidding at auction was a sight to behold! Cathy’s experience really showed up and we were successful at considerably below our top mark and at the lower end of her estimated market value. A truly great day and result! I don’t believe that we would have paid what we did, had we tried to enter the fray on our own…

Even after the auction both Cathy and Jacque have been extremely helpful with settlement and other related requirements. Their professionalism, personal attention and advice made what is one of life’s most stressful experiences an almost enjoyable process.

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