If you prefer to search for your own property or if you have already located a property and would like House Search to conduct a market evaluation and then negotiate on your behalf, we will provide the following service:


    Once you’ve selected a property, we conduct a physical inspection and provide a detailed objective market analysis to determine the current market worth of that property. With access to agent-only databases, comparable sales and current market conditions, we are able to determine an appropriate price for the property. This ensures you don’t overpay or allow emotion to cloud judgement in the purchasing process.


    We commence negotiations on your behalf with the seller/selling agent, with the intention of obtaining the best possible price, terms and conditions for the property. Depending on market conditions, this process can occur at auction or over a period of days, up until formal exchange of contracts.


    Once an offer has been accepted, we liaise with your solicitor/conveyancer to ensure the contract of sale is reviewed and to verify that all legal requirements are met prior to unconditional exchange. We are also able to coordinate correspondence with your financier and inspectors to ensure all parties are on task for a smooth settlement.


    We maintain contact with you until final settlement, to ensure all is running efficiently. If required, we are happy to conduct the pre-settlement inspection on your behalf, to ensure all inclusions are intact as per the contract of sale. For investors, we offer a complimentary property management interview service, to ensure that your investment property is managed by a reputable and experienced local property manager.


We are happy to also refer and/or arrange the coordination of related services, such as solicitors/conveyancers, building and pest inspectors, financiers, and independent valuers. All such external consultants’ fees are at the client’s personal expense.


For an Evaluation and Negotiation package, we evaluate, provide you with a written individual property analysis and negotiate the individual property purchase on your behalf and/or bid at auction. Please note this service is for a single property only.

Please contact the office for further information on fees and if your area is covered by this service.

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