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When it comes to buying our homes, most of us believe that we’re not going to fall into the “emotional” basket and possibly overpay for the home of our dreams. We can remain cool, calm, collected and within our budget. Right?


Buying a home can be a huge emotional decision as it’s often the largest financial commitment we’ll ever make. It’s difficult to remain logical and objective when you fall in love and become blinded to a home’s faults, over your overwhelming desire to make it your own.

Buyers remorse is all too common a syndrome with those buyers who haven’t done their research or inspected enough properties. This can also extend to the negotiating table, where the “walk away” price gets forgotten in a sea of excitement and desire.

If it’s good enough for the seller to have a representative on their side, guiding, supporting and striving to obtain the best outcome and price possible, then why shouldn’t you be on equal footing?
Hiring a buyers agent not only puts you ahead of the pack, but it ensures you get the right property at the right price. A supportive advocate on your side, representing your interests 100%, can make a huge difference, both financially and emotionally to your home purchase.

Call us today if you want to learn more and we look forward to being of service to you in the near future!

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House Search Australia

Which agent?

What questions should you ask a selling agent before hiring them to sell your property?

It’s a question many sellers don’t know the answers to and end up being disappointed when the agent of choice fails to deliver on what was promised in terms of price & service.

If you want the very best agent for the job, ask them our essential 20 QUESTIONS to see if they measure up. Simply contact our office or send us an email request and we’ll send you a copy.

Engaging a great agent can make all the difference between a mediocre and an outstanding result.

Market Update – Sydney Property News

With the RBA finally dropping official interest rates by 0.25% for the first time in almost 7 years, there appears some relief for home buyers and sellers. Whilst sentiment for a strong recovery is still low, analysts and experts predict further rate drops before the end of 2008 and an uneven road ahead.

It’s not only home owners and renters who have had to tighten their belts in recent months. Some lenders are increasingly having to change lending practices and criteria to accomodate the overseas credit crunch impact, making easy home loans a thing of the past. Read more here.

A recent survey of 31 firms, including the major banks, by the API (Aust Property Institute) found that Sydney residential property came out on top as the most popular choice, as the location with the most growth potential on Australia’s east coast.
Naturally, here at House Search we’re biased as we believe in Sydney as a great investment spot, but it makes for an interesting read nonetheless.

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Moving areas and don’t know where to begin looking for schools?

Suburb Spotlight on Hornsby

Approximately 25km from the CBD, Hornsby lies in the northern region of Sydney, a older well established suburb with a CBD and major shopping centre at it’s hub.

It’s well serviced by rail and is made up of a mixture of housing, including older houses and newer unit developments.

Some facts about Hornsby:

  • Approx size 8km sq
  • Population just under 20,000
  • Predominantly families in the area
  • Predominant age group 30-39yrs
  • Over 54% owner occupied housing
  • Current median house price $601,000
  • Current median unit price $357,000

(Source: RPData/Residex))

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