The lighter side of Needs vs Wants

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Over the years, I’ve experienced many hundreds of potential clients list their Essentials Features (Needs) and Desirable  Features (Wants) on our forms when enquiring on our services.  Like most of us, needs constitute features such as location, price, space, position, aspect and type of property. Wants vary from the mundane (car accommodation) through to the most unusual (I had one client who ideally wanted a property that had “no white surfaces, apart from the ceilings”…. tricky!) however most buyers are clear on what is essential and what isn’t, when buying.  We ultimately do our best to deliver on their criteria, though sometimes compromises need to be made, as with all things in life.  Buyers change their mind, they fall in love (despite the property not meeting all their needs) they go cold on an initial feature or two, other criteria take over as priority.  It happens and that’s ok. We’re all human, after all 🙂

Going through some older enquiries/emails and forms recently, however, I just had to share some of the more light-hearted requests we’ve had here at House Search over the last 9 years involving needs vs wants. Apologies in advance to those readers who may recognise their own contributions, but I thought they were too good not to share!

From a first home buyer: My mum (who is helping us fund this) has requested NO WALLPAPER as she still has nightmares from the 1980’s when she developed RSI from using the steamer to remove a houseful.

From an upgrading home buyer: I really need it to be within 500m walk of the station (I’m not fit enough to walk more than 10mins and my wife won’t let me buy a bike) but no rail noise please.

From a client with a wicked sense of humour:  We ideally need a yard for the labrador, but if we can’t stretch that far, he’s good to go to my mother-in-law’s place… in fact the more I think about it ditch the yard.  Find us a place without any space and a great view instead 🙂

From an overseas buyer:  Is it possible to buy a unit with an in-built spa overlooking the city view?  I don’t mind if the balcony is smaller to cater for this, but it must be built-in and I would prefer no neighbours being able to see in.

And, last but not least, the one that made me laugh out loud for several minutes…

From a very funny downsizer: *Jen has requested a plunge pool if available, however I’d like to also place my order in the “Desirable Features” column for a plunge mancave, preferably with a lockable door, a fully built-in bar and insulated walls, so I can’t hear any knocking 🙂

Wants are so much more interesting, that’s for sure!

*real names not used




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