March 2008

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Welcome to House Search News for March 2008

“How do I know I’m not paying too much?”

This is a question commonly asked by our clients and property buyers in general, as it can be a daunting world out there when you go to buy your home or investment property! When most buyers begin looking, they’re overwhelmed and can easily get “sold” on a property and pay too much, regretting it later and suffering from the old “buyers remorse”.

If this sounds like you, and you’d rather engage the services of a professional buyers agent to ensure you don’t overpay and get the best on the market in your price bracket, then call us today to see how we can take a load off and make the process a financial win for you.

With access to the lastest sales and the information required to make a fully informed decision, we can save you not only TIME and undue STRESS but $$$ as well.  Call us today and see how we can help you.

Our results speak for themselves with our 100% client happiness success rate to date.

Warm Regards

Jacque Parker

House Search Australia

Market Update – Sydney Property News

Despite another recent interest rate rise in what many consider a gloomy market, it’s also a buying opportunity period for savvy investors.

Undervalued Sydney apartments may well be the hottest growth investment for the next few years, according to the latest report released by Australian Property Monitors.  Manager Michael McNamara had this to say:

“Sydney house and unit values have been the laggard of the Australian property market for over 4 years now. With Sydney apartments looking so cheap compared to other capitals (Melbourne,Canberra, Perth and Brisbane apartments are within 15% of Sydney values), and assuming there is a transfer of cash from stocks to other asset classes, we have Sydney apartments as our number one pick for growth over the next few years”

With rents rising, especially in high demand areas, the future looks brighter for growth of well placed investment units here in Sydney.

Suburb Spotlight on Bella Vista

Home to many $1million+ homes, this newer suburb in the Baulkham Hill shire of Sydney boasts the world class Norwest business park as well as a sprawling residential area.

Some facts about Bella Vista:

  • Size approx 4km square
  • Predominant age group of 10-19
  • Predominantly families with children
  • Over 87% owner occupied housing
  • Current median price $1m for houses
  • Approx 35km from CBD

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