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Welcome to House Search News for July 2007

“How much should I pay?” is one of the most difficult questions for home buyers to answer. After all, everyone wants to get the best deal and save when it comes to real estate.

The answer is simple: do your research and know the market so thoroughly that you become a mini expert with your local knowledge. Not only inspect several similar properties, but keep records and follow up on sales and auctions, as price guides can be misleading and not always indicative of final selling prices. Pay for some comparable sales data from companies such as Residex, RPData or Home Price Guide and start wearing out that shoe leather!

If you lack the time, however, or simply wish to outsource the job to those who specialise in buying and negotiating, then give us the run-around here at House Search! Not only can we save you countless hours of searching, but our experience and local knowledge will benefit you as we strive to get you the very best deal in the current marketplace. For more information please feel free to call us or check out our website for more details.

We look forward to serving your needs and providing you with peace of mind on your next property purchase.

Warm Regards

Jacque Parker and Theresa McHale

House Search Australia

NSW Budget News

Recent initiatives announced in the NSW State Budget included the reduction of land tax from 1.7% to 1.6% and the bringing forward of the abolition of mortgage duty to 1 September 2007.

Small steps forward to entice owners and investors back into the NSW market.

Market Update – Sydney Property News

With apartment living in Sydney set to increase in future years, it’s no surprise that they remain a popular choice for both home owners and investors. Sydney’s affordability, however, leaves some buyers with little option but to consider a unit as their only means by which to enter the market.

By 2030 planners forecast that 45% of Sydneysiders will be living in medium to high density housing, as the squeeze on land supply, particularly in the inner and middle ring suburbs, continues.
Even in Sydney’s more expensive suburbs (see article below) relatively low entry prices in the $400 000’s can still purchase a 2bed unit that is in a blue ribbon area.

Naturally, unit purchases should be investigated thoroughly, as costs such as strata fees and special levies can add extensively to your expenses.

Always order a strata search and look for units where the Owners Corporation is active in maintaining the building.

Useful Links

Purchasing for the first time and want some tips on how to get started?

Then consider visiting the upcoming FIRST HOME BUYERS EXPO at Moore Park, Sydney, between Fri Sep 14 – Sun Sep 16 2007.

Discover information all under the one roof that could assist when making the all important decision with your first home purchase.

Check out this site: FirstHomeBuyersExpo.com.au for more information, including free seminars that run on all three days of the Expo.


How could we resist taking a peek at this list? For Sydney’s most expensive suburbs you only need to look near the water and the CBD.

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