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Is the question on many home owner and investors lips at the moment, with interest rates now dropping to the lowest in some 4 decades.  With more cuts forecast, and an economy seemingly on the brink of recession, it certainly makes for unpredictable times in the housing market.

Whilst some forecasters believe we’re in for more doom and gloom, others and those on the ground, such as ourselves, have already seen a large spike in activity in the first home buyer market and an increase from investors as yields appear increasingly more attractive.  In some circumstances, positive cashflow properties certainly appear to be on the horizon.

If you lack the time, energy and know-how or simply wish to buy a property and ensure you’re not OVERPAYING, give us a call and we’d be happy to discuss how we can help. With options ranging from one off reports through to full searches, find out how a House Search buyers agent can assist with your next purchase.

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Market Update – Sydney Property News

With total returns (including rents) to Australian residential property returning positive growth in 2008, according to RPData it certainly seems as though the global impact hasn’t hit property as hard as yet expected here in Australia.

However, the mood is still cautious nationally, and especially here in our country’s capital, which still retains the highest median house and unit price.  With some economists still predicting further falls in 2009, such as JPMorgan, in this article, it appears as though Sydney is still a tale of divided opinions.  It may well be a stimulation of the lower end of the market that makes the difference in future growth.

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