How a coach in your corner can make all the difference

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sydney buyers agentsWe received a lovely testimonial from one of our recent clients last week and a phrase that they included really struck a chord with me:

“Having ‘the coach in the corner’ meant we unquestionably saved thousands”

Our clients were a professional young couple who had been searching for some time, and particularly in the active and busy Sydney market, were finding themselves becoming frustrated and overwhelmed: something we are hearing from many callers and buyers out there right now.  Coming to us for assistance resulted in a terrific outcome, with a beautiful home secured in just 7 weeks and a settlement that fit right in with the recent sale of their previous abode. We were absolutely delighted with the final house we bought for them- not only did it tick all of their criteria but represented very fair value and was in a very sought-after section of this particular popular family suburb.

When immersed in any industry, it’s easy to sometimes forget the amount of experience and knowledge that can make a difference. Our client pointed out to us that many selling agents have an expectation that they should just “know” the process when buying and act accordingly.  However, in an active seller’s market, conducting sufficient due diligence can often result in buyers missing out on properties, due to a lack of confidence or know-how.  Many a purchaser has regretted a purchase by overpaying, overlooking important contract clauses or simply succumbing to emotion and the fear of missing out. Buying property is such a huge and important decision that having a buyer’s agent as coach on your side can make all the difference.


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