sydney buyers agentsReal estate selling agents are engaged and paid by the vendor (seller) and represent them in a property transaction. Their job is to work in the best interests of the vendor, in obtaining the highest possible price and terms for them. They are therefore unable to provide you, the buyer, with impartial advice, as it represents a clear conflict of interest. Selling agents simply cannot give you the time and personalised attention that you require to locate and buy the property that suits your needs.

A licensed real estate buyers’ agent, however, works exclusively and independently for you, the buyer. Here at House Search Australia, we strive to go that step further in understanding your specific criteria. Being in the market every day means we instantly recognise good value and cut through the hype generated by sales agents and biased advertising. Our company prides itself on its passion and dedication to our clients. Our goal is to make the purchasing process as stress-free as possible, with us doing all the legwork and negotiation. Whilst the average person can only view a limited amount of properties per week, we can inspect as many as forty+ properties per week as it’s our full time job.  We also are very proud of our 96% success rate in finding clients a property during their contract period with us.  If your budget and criteria are realistic, we will not let you down.

Because we specialize in specific suburbs within Sydney, you benefit from our vast local knowledge. This can be highly beneficial, especially when you are not familiar with the area or are moving interstate. With access to the same subscription databases as selling agents, a written fair price estimate is able to be provided on shortlisted properties, to ensure you don’t overpay with your purchase. Having experience in the field and ongoing contact with selling agents also allows us to sometimes get the first opportunity to view property, including those silent, off-market or not-yet-advertised properties. Our contacts and relationships with selling agents is highly beneficial in being able to secure priority when it comes to new listings.

We aim to save you precious time, undue stress and money. Our negotiating experience and skills means that our fee has the capacity to pay for itself many times over. Why wouldn’t you use an independent Buyers’ Agent?

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