Can you help me search for a home in Sydney?

Yes. We specialise in helping owners and investors search for a new home or investment property, doing all the hard work required to search, locate and evaluate properties against your criteria and negotiate on your behalf.

We cover a large section of Sydney and metro.  See our suburb list for a full list of the suburbs we have a particular expertise in.  However, we are not always specifically limited by these areas so it pays to contact us first to see if we can indeed help you. We can also offer alternative agencies, who come highly respected within the industry and are reputable REBAA members.

How long will it take you to find me a property?

If we think your initial brief is unachievable, we’ll tell you that before you engage us.

You will also need to ensure that you have finances pre-approved or ready before the search begins.

If your brief is realistic, an average time for a search, from appointment to exchange, is approximately 4 -12 weeks. However, depending on your specific requirements and the market conditions, this can vary.

Once I decide to use House Search, what happens next?

After the initial meeting with you (either in person or via phone), where our services are explained and a detailed brief is taken, a retainer fee is paid and we can begin the search with a specific search date. When we locate and assess suitable properties that meet your wishlist, we arrange inspections and subsequent negotiations with the seller, should you decide to purchase.

The decision to buy is totally yours and be assured that House Search will not be pressuring you to purchase. As per our agency agreement with you, we will keep searching during the contract period until we find the property that meets your requirements as 100% client satisfaction is our aim.

What happens if I find a property by myself?

If you do identify a property yourself after you’ve hired us, it’s imperative that you inform us immediately so that we can get involved immediately. We will then continue our service on inspecting, evaluating and negotiating the property on your behalf.

Our written agency agreement explains in more detail how our full fees are still payable in this situation, so it’s in your best interests to make full use of our services.

What if I want to cancel my agreement?

Our initial agreement with you has a section that outlines any cancellation terms, should you wish to discontinue the search. You are able to terminate the agreement at any time but you may be liable for costs. As you can appreciate, we value our time and, as we are not being paid by anyone else except for you, we charge a non refundable retainer should you simply change your mind during the search.

Why is a fixed fee an advantage?

Unlike other buyers’ agents who charge a commission of the purchase price, here at House Search, we believe that an upfront quoted fee is a fairer system. Depending on the complexity of your brief, your budget and size of the search area, a fixed fee based on your specific criteria is provided so that this can be budgeted for in your purchasing expenses. For a fixed quote for your specific property needs, please contact us directly for further details. We are also the only Sydney buyers’ agency who guarantees to beat any written comparable quote.  Contact us for more details if you’d like to know how to save even more here.

Do you also search for investment properties in Sydney?

Yes. We are real estate investors ourselves, so we understand what makes a good investment property. With a combined 50+ years of buying experience with investment properties within our team, you benefit here greatly as clients.  Our property search services are perfect for busy people who want to find an ideal investment in the most efficient timeframe.

Can you help me buy a house at auction?

Yes. In addition to our Full search, evaluation and negotiation service, we offer a specialised Auction Bidding service to take the stress out of purchasing property at auction. We understand auction tactics and can save you money by being impartial and removing the pressure that typically accompanies auctions – avoiding overbidding and paying too much.  Having an advocate on your side, should the property be passed in, is also highly valuable and beneficial, especially for those buyers who don’t regularly negotiate.

For more information refer to our Bidding at Auction service.

Is a Buyers Agent like a Buyers Advocate?

Yes. A Buyers Advocate is simply another name for a Buyers Agent. We are licensed to act only on behalf of those wanting to purchase residential property in Sydney. We have no conflicts of interest, as we do not sell real estate but act as an advocate for buyers in the purchasing and acquisition process.

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