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When it comes time to selecting a buyers’ agent to look after what can often be the biggest financial transaction most purchasers are ever involved in, it’s important to get it right.  Choosing a professional, experienced, appropriately insured and licensed agent is one part of the transaction.  Talking to previous clients, reading through case studies and testimonials also forms part of the due diligence.  Googling names can provide a plethora of information, and in our world of increasing information at our fingertips, it can often be somewhat revealing!  Property buyers and sellers can be harsh critics, and there are plenty of forums out there (including and where buyers and sellers aren’t afraid to have their say on their experiences with real estate. Word of mouth advertising on such sites can prove to be a boon for some, and the death of business for others.

Choosing a buyers’s agent should involve the following questions- please note these are taken from Australia’s leading industry assocation site for buyers’s agents- REBAA (Real Estate Buyers Agents Association). If you’re not using a REBAA-accredited buyers’ agent, you need to ask why.  All buyers agents in the association have a minimum of 12 mths experience, are required to carry mandatory PI insurance, adhere to a code of ethics as part of buyers agency, and need to have been endorsed by two other professional and experienced buyers’ agents from REBAA. All references are carefully checked and membership of the association is regarded as a sign of professionalism and prestige within the industry and by consumers.  House Search are proud to be not only members of REBAA, but with Jacque Parker currently in the role of President of this association.  The REBAA website has been recently revamped and is a one-stop national spot for finding Australia’s best buyers’ agents. So take the time to have a look and learn more about how a buyers’ agent can help you in the property purchasing process.

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