Mark and Sharen, Hills Rural area

THE BRIEF: Mark and Sharen’s young family of five were looking for a small acreage property in Sydney’s beautiful semi-rural Dural and surrounds area. Their brief was to upgrade to a family-friendly acreage property, suitable for plenty of space for their children to play, handy to transport and preferably single storey with a modern pool. The budget was very tight, especially for preferred streets, however they were flexible on renovations if required. They realised the value of having a local expert on their side, and didn’t want the hassle of having to deal with numerous selling agents during a search.

OVERVIEW: 48 property enquiries (including 4 off market) were made with just 4 properties shortlisted over a two month search period. Quality listings were thin on the ground for this budget but Cathy’s hard work and outstanding negotiation skills paid off with the purchase of an outstanding 4 bedroom single storey renovated home, in a private cul-de-sac position, with not only a pool but a full size tennis court as a bonus!  The negotiations took several days, with various terms also agreed upon that suited our buyers, and patience and skill paid off with a result that was over $200,000 less than our own market estimation and our client’s budget.  A fantastic result for a lovely family.


“We engaged House Search Australia, with Cathy McGowan as our lead. We purchased the “full search service” and Cathy secured the right property for us, in an uncertain Sydney market that was in transition. Pleasingly, we were able to buy under the market estimation and came in several hundred thousand dollars under our budget – If we (like most buyers) only relied on market reports and what real estate (selling) industry experts were telling us, we would have unnecessarily paid more at the time, if it wasn’t for House Search Australia.

Cathy is a fantastic person to engage. Her strong attention to detail (particularly with her written reports & phone calls), as well as empathy of the challenges of searching for the right available property, is certainly a strength of hers. Her local knowledge, relationship and ability to negotiate, gives you confidence she’s entirely on your side. Let me be clear; having never used a buyer’s agent before, the service is one I now believe people must absolutely consider before purchasing any property in Australia. It is unlikely we’d ever buy another property again without “House Search Australia” assistance. Many thanks.”

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