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sydney buyers agentsAs Christmas fast approaches many potential clients ask us the same question: is it too late to start a property search or should we wait until 2018?  With only six weeks before everyone downs tools and goes into festive mode, it’s a question worth considering.  After all, logic dictates that most vendors would prefer not to have buyers marching through their homes in the busy lead up to Christmas holidays, leaving their listings until school returns in late January. However, what many buyers forget is that not everyone has the luxury of choosing exactly when to list their home.  For a myriad of reasons, sellers have to list at inopportune times of the year, including the festive season. In our experience, there are many reasons why extending the search up until Christmas is a sound idea in any market:

  • Fewer buyers means less competition in the market
  • Increased motivation to sell prior to Christmas can often result in vendors lowering price expectations, especially on properties with failed auction campaigns
  • Vendors fear of their property listing becoming “stale” can be keener to negotiate pre-Christmas
  • Selling agents keen to offload stock can impact negotiation outcomes in favour of buyers

Whilst other potential buyers are distracted by all the demands (and shopping!) that the festive season entails, why not get a head start and keep the property search going all the way until Dec 24 this year?  You may be pleasantly surprised at what you may be able to negotiate and pick yourself up a delicious property bargain as your own Christmas gift this year. We certainly have for many buyers in the past, with our agency record attending an exchange of contracts for clients at 4pm on Christmas Eve- talk about cutting it fine!

If, however, it’s all too hard, then do consider engaging our services for a stress-free search.  Whilst you’re gift shopping for family and friends, our agency continues to property shop right up until the eve before Santa arrives. Luckily for us, it’s actually more enjoyable (and less crowded) than late night gift shopping!


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