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Welcome to House Search News for April 2008

As Winter approaches it’s time to do all those maintenance jobs around the house that we’ve been putting off, before it gets too cold! Gardening, repainting, washer replacements, window cleaning, gutter clean outs… the list goes on!

Ensuring your home is adequately heated is also important, and with a plethora of choice, it pays to shop around for products. Whether or not you use electricity, gas or other more environmentally-friendly methods to keep your home warm (heavy curtains, insulation, doorstops, rugs) home buyers will be checking for such features, so don’t leave your buyers out in the cold, if selling!

Of many homes that I’ve inspected recently, it’s amazing what a difference indoor temperature can make to the “vibe” of a property. Buyers will complain about a home being “cold and clinical” or too “stuffy” so it’s important to get it right. If in doubt, ask a friend or relative to walk through your house as a buyer would, and see how they feel. It can make a substantial difference.

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Market Update – Sydney Property News

With APM (Australian Property Monitors) predicting Australian capital city rents, especially Sydney, to rise as much as 50% over the next four years, it’s grim news for renters and first home buyers alike.
Recent interest rate rise hikes and increasing unaffordability means that many would-be first home buyers continue to rent in an increasingly competitive market. Rental line ups at properties are commonplace now, with many rental agencies holding opens rather than individual appointments.

Tenants are advised to lock in current rents on long leases (12mths rather than 6mths) and be prepared when inspecting potential properties. Have all paperwork ready, references included, and consider sharing with friends or housemates to lighten the load.

Suburb Spotlight on Kenthurst

Home to both residential housing and acreage properties, this quiet semi-rural suburb is home to horse lovers and artists alike and boasts some beautiful real estate.

Some facts about Kenthurst:

  • Size approx 46km square
  • Predominant age group of 10-19yrs
  • Predominantly couples with children
  • Over 85% owner occupied housing
  • Current median price $.15m for houses. Majority of these are on acreage.
  • Population has increased 10% since 2001
  • Approx 39km from Sydney’s CBD

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With property data becoming more readily avaible to consumers consider this latest offering that provides recent street and postcode sales information FREE of charge.

Though not as detailed as subscription based agent databases such as RPData, it nevertheless provides a great starting point for investors and home buyers and sellers who are curious about sales in their areas.

Check it out at www.onthehouse.com.au

Great relevant site name as well!!

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