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sydney buyers agentsI recently came across this poem of investment woe by Don Weill, who apparently penned it back in 1977. So much of it rang true for some of the investors I speak to in my line of work, even here in 2016, that I felt compelled to share it on my blog.  It’s a shortened version but nonetheless very identifiable to a great many would-be investors and home buyers out there who still haven’t taken the plunge…. I think the message is pretty clear!

I hesitate to make a list

Of opportunities I have missed

Investments that were in my grip

I watch them through my fingers slip

Prime properties I should have bought

Were lost because of over-thought

I thought of this and I thought of that

I could have sworn I smelled a rat

And while I thought things over twice

Another grabbed them at the price

It always seems I hesitate

Then make my mind up much too late

A very cautious person am I

And that is why I never buy

I chose to think and as I thought

They bought the house I should have bought!

The golden chances I had then

Are lost and will never ever come again

Today I cannot be enticed

For everything’s so overpriced

The deals of yesteryear are dead,

The market’s soft and so’s my head!

At times a teardrop drowns my eye

I had the chance, but did not buy,

And now life’s saddest words I pen

If only I’d decided then

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